22 June - 23 July

Sometimes it's impossible to help others because they don’t want to help themselves. Realise who can be helped and who can’t. You'll save yourself a lot of time. Your wheeling and dealing skills are great at present and with some lucky breaks coming your way you'll be able to make the most of them. But learn how and when to recognise them. Don't let an incompatible philosophy ruin a breakthrough in matters of intimacy. Put aside your personal beliefs and accept each other for who you are. Today feel encouraged to transform your personality into something that will make an impact.


24 July - 23 August

Your drive to assert yourself and make an impact on the world, meet with some opposition now so you must be adaptable. External forces over which you have no control seem to subtly undermine your efforts - or try to overpower you altogether. You need to stand up for yourself, perhaps in a David-and-Goliath type of situation. If you have been unscrupulous or overly egotistical and selfish in your pursuits, you are likely to get your comeuppance now. You have an interest in cultivating new insights into life and therefore group study or sharing ideas with close friends is spotlighted today.    


24 August - 23 September

Your need for freedom may clash with the repression or limitations you are experiencing.  You can feel very restless as you push against the barriers that are in your way right now.  It is possible that you will want to rebel, break the rules, or run away. The tension can be high so try to remain calm in order to avoid accidents or unnecessary blow-ups. At its best, this can be a time when you put your original ideas into a practical, usable form. Relegate hobbies to the sideline for now and make way for more serious matters that have to be attended to. You need to your money for some expense shortly.


24 September - 23 October

Dealing with others is difficult, especially if egos clash. Try to remain humble even if someone tries to bait you. Try to win friends rather than create enemies now as some missing piece of the jigsaw of contention may emerge. You can expect the unexpected today, with the Sun and Uranus providing you something just that little bit different in your day-to-day routine. ‘A change is as good as a holiday.’ Your speech is extremely forceful so you may need to tone it down otherwise you could be misinterpreted. Speak softly and slowly to catch the monkey. You want to be noticed today and can be popular.


24 October - 22 November

Small setbacks needn't grind your day to a screeching halt. It's a time for being clear with people about the 'no-go areas' and what you expect from them. You will receive the respect you demand in this way better smooth out any differences you see on the horizon. You’ll be on the road, flitting about here, there and everywhere, and will not have enough time to do the things you really want. Trust your intuition on the things that matter most. You have loads of ideas to make money, but you need to focus on one. Don't get distracted or spread yourself too thinly. Success requires one-pointedness.


23 November - 22 December

Try to be well informed before making important choices regarding work. There can be a great deal of tension in your life at present so it's probably a good idea to simply relax and not make those decisions when you are under pressure. Pay attention to the cues of those around you at present. Read between the lines and you'll understand things more clearly. A new idea you may cause you to be fearful of committing to it. Be wary at this time of feeling compelled to make choices when in fact there's no real rush. You may, however, have to make some choice between the better of two people.


23 December - 20 January

Plans to meet someone may be sidelined because of a greater priority. This may create a lack of enthusiasm in someone connected. You may need to win them over again.  Alternatively, someone else may be generous with their time and money, much to your surprise. You have the opportunity to buy someone a gift for no apparent reason. You have a very realistic and no-nonsense attitude at this time and are rather critical, sceptical, or at the very least, cautious about new ideas. Deep, quiet study and solitary reflection are favoured. You are more taciturn and uncommunicative than usual, and less social. 


21 January - 19 February

Your positive thinking will help in some negotiation today. A new opportunity may spring up, just when you thought it was dead in the water.  Your impartial position and skilful presentation could make a lasting impression. Use these energies to develop your individuality and spiritual ideals in a way that can enhance your life. You may be forced to change and develop a more objective outlook in spite of yourself. Determine where and how to increase personal charisma. If you seem to be spending more time than your workmates on the same tasks they could be working smarter than harder. Check it out.


20 February - 20 March

Eliminate whatever is unnecessary in your life at this time. You’re carrying too much baggage for your own good and hindering your work and relationships. You may have your comfort zone rattled as a result of coming to this realisation but carefully dismantling those old habits will bring a new lease of life. You'll start to realise that some of the uncomfortable circumstances you find yourself in are actually going to help you grow as a person.  With this understanding, you'll be able to enjoy the challenge. Make an effort to fill your mind with peace and love. This is a secret key to success.


21 March - 20 April

You can perform selfless services and find your reputation growing as a result. You may not initially set out to gain from any assistance offered but will be surprised to learn that your cool actions have spread to others. This is in principle, a day when the positive side of the Law of Karma kicks in to bring something back to you for some good on your part. A sudden infatuation is a result of putting someone on a pedestal. Try to keep it real when judging others. Remember, they're only human, like you.  There may be a profitable short trip available now which can help your work or your business.


21 April - 21 May

Individuals whom you depend upon may be having too much say in your life today. It’s important not to let your identity and individuality suffer when another person attempts to push their will on you. Maintain your composure and dignity when faced with any personal dilemma now. If you procrastinate you stand a chance of losing a vital opportunity. This refers to a job offer or similar opportunity that is ripe for the picking. You may not understand where all your money is going. Perhaps you’re sharing it with too many needy friends! It may also have something to do with your children or partner.


22 May - 21 June

An important relationship, perhaps with a younger person or someone in your near environment starts to come into focus now. There could be an emotional overtone to all of this and that may require understanding and flexibility on your part. Someone may tend to put the damper on what you say or think, or in some way manage to restrict your ability to communicate. You may have thoughts that differ with the establishment and this will put you at odds with them. Remember that we're all different so the keyword today is "respect".  Allow others to take the lead when it comes to social interactions.

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