SAD LOSS: Lindsay Frampton was like a father to Matt Cooper who died tragically in a car crash on New Year s Day. Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail
SAD LOSS: Lindsay Frampton was like a father to Matt Cooper who died tragically in a car crash on New Year s Day. Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail Mike Knott

Friend mourns victim of Qld's first 2015 fatality

AN ADVENTUROUS soul are the words which described 34-year-old Bargara man Matt Cooper who lost his life as Queensland's first fatality of 2015.

On January 1 just before 9pm a crash at the intersection of Branyan and Woondooma Sts resulted in Mr Cooper's death and injuries to his housemate Darren Fraser.

Mr Cooper's close friend Lindsay Frampton said the pair met 18 years ago when Matt was a teenager, as they both had a passion for games.

He likened him to a son.

"We started talking about games and that sort of thing - that's what brought us together," Mr Frampton said.

"A few years later he moved out of home and moved in with me for three to four years."

Mr Frampton said Mr Cooper lived with him until moving in with his son Darren.

"Darren is still in hospital - I don't think this thing has hit him yet," Mr Frampton said.

"I think he will realise when he gets out of hospital in 10 or so days and goes home."

A Bundaberg Hospital spokesman said Mr Fraser was moved from intensive care at the weekend.

He suffered chest and spleen injuries.

Mr Cooper was described as a caring person who would go out of his way for others.

"Matt as a person - he would give the shirt off his back, I know everyone says that sort of thing but through past experiences with Matt you knew it was true," Mr Frampton said.

"Our boys were knee high to a grasshopper at the time… he is the sort of bloke you could trust, with your kids and your life.

"He will be missed around here, he was basically family - a brother to my boys, and a son to me. He was a gentle soul."

Mr Cooper's lifelong dream was to take a trip to Supernova which he achieved last year.

"He talked about it for years - and his suit (the suit worn at Supernova) he left behind is a monument to him," he said.

Mr Frampton said Mr Cooper's New Year's resolutions was to build an indoor remote control centre / toy museum.

Mr Frampton hopes to build that centre.

Mr Frampton reminds people that life can change in an instant and obey road rules.

"Young people should seriously think before they get behind the wheel - that's how fast it can happen, and then they are gone for good."

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