RELAXING HOLIDAY: English traveller Ellis Vaughan.
RELAXING HOLIDAY: English traveller Ellis Vaughan. Jessica Lamb

TV logger is chilling out in Airlie

Backpacker chats

NAME: Ellis Vaughan

HOME: Rugby, England

How long have you been in Australia?

Two weeks, I started in Cairns and I'm heading down the coast to Sydney.

What's your occupation?

I work in television, most recently I'm a logger.

Where are you travelling next?

I'm heading to New Zealand and then onto Asia.

I'm a solo traveller, it's a great way to meet new people.

I've got a few friends who are travelling Australia as we speak so I plan to meet up with them along the way.

What is your favourite place in Australia?

I loved the Daintree up north, I saw a crocodile.

What's your impression of Australians?

My stereotypical Australian was that they love sports and beer and I'm not far off, although beer is a lot more expensive than I first thought.

The majority of Australians are nice but some can be quite outspoken.

Favourite part of Airlie Beach?

I like the night life, Airlie was just a stop along the way but once I got here it's a great place just to chill out and relax by the lagoon and paddle board.

Where are you staying?

YHA hostel.

Weirdest part of Australia?

The animals and I am fascinated by indigenous culture and how that fits into Australian society.

Are you staying in hostels all the way?

I'm staying in backpackers' the majority of the trip but I have booked two nights of luxury in a hotel in Brisbane.

Why did you come to Australia?

I guess I came to see the landmarks and the animals. I love the weather and am enjoying the heat but having said that I am sunburnt.

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